Yosemite moonbow predictions for April 2013. Moonbows will only appear in the portion of the arc which passes though mist, and if the moon is unobstructed. Open the gallery for the desired location below and study the different moonbow positions. The time noted for each position is only given for the night nearest the full moon, but the predictions can be adapted for other nights with the knowledge that the moon rises 50 minutes later each evening. Feel free to download local copies before heading into an area without a wireless data connection.

These 3D Simulation were made using Google Earth terrain data coupled with geometric moonbow representations in Google Sketchup which were positioned using data from The Photographer's Ephemeris.

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Location B (Lower Falls Bridge, West End)Location M (Cooks Meadow Near Sentinel Bridge Parking Lot)Location O (Upper Yosemite Falls Trail at OMG Point)